The Author

Yours Truly

My name is Kristen and I'm glad you stopped by.

I grew up in Los Angeles, California, always knowing that I wanted to act and teach when I grow up. Through determination and hard work, I achieved both of those goals by the time I turned 17. Unfortunately, they came at a very high price that ended my career just seven years later.

Early in my career as an actress, model and dancer, I opted to have breast implants. It was the trend for women in the early nineties, and even though I researched the possible side effects, there was no medical evidence at the time linking saline implants to any illnesses. But less than a year after implanting, I became seriously ill.

After a full decade of debilitating, strange, and painful symptoms, I finally found the information I needed to prove that the implants were the cause. I had them properly removed in the summer of 2005 and experienced an immediate 85% recovery. Less than three months post-op, I was teaching dance classes and developing my own business.

I've been dancing for over 35 years, and teaching thousands of women how to move with fluidity and confidence, unafraid of being sexy. I was honored to be a judge for Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance; featured in the movie Showgirls; owned and operated multiple dance studios; and realized the dream of licensing my own program, which grew to have dance studios in three States.

My dance program was developed with the idea that self esteem is a precious commodity that is seriously lacking in our women. Through the classes I help students look in the mirror and feel good about their reflection - no matter what!

Shevolved is the next phase of my work: to help women learn how to love themselves for who they are. In order to truly realize my dream, I let go of the studio business and started traveling with my message. By taking what I developed in the dance studios and incorporating specific techniques such as guided imagery, self hypnosis, and personal coaching, I now reach women beyond the confines of studio walls.

Writing my story and sharing it with the world is my gift to you. My intention is to empower you to embrace your womanhood with love in your heart and compassion for yourself.

Welcome to the Shevolution!