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Kristen Elizabeth is a film intimacy coach, acting coach, dance instructor, and Intimacy Coordinator/Consultant/Choreographer for film and television in the Pacific Northwest. She has been working in the entertainment industry for over 30 years. Her acting students have appeared in lead roles on Netflix, Hulu, AppleTV, in major motion pictures, and on Broadway. 

Kristen teaches her own unique method of acting and dance based on decades of study and personal experience. She combines physicality with psychology in a way that keeps the performer both physically and emotionally safe.

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Studio & Online Classes


Kaleigh Macchio, Actor

"I worked with Kristen on a series in which she was the Intimacy Coordinator, but I knew instantly she had a mind for storytelling. She provided a safe and honest space for us, before, during, and after our intimate scene. We were able to ask her anything and felt so at ease with her direction that we were able to laugh, connect, and to know she had eyes on everything so we could just focus on being present. In addition, Kristen clearly cares deeply for the truth in a story and in how to convey that. She is an asset to any set!"

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