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Kristen Elizabeth

As an educator, Kristen has worked with students of all ages teaching all aspects of the performing arts for over 30 years.

She holds a BA in Media & Film Studies with a minor in Theater Arts.

Film Intimacy
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Film Intimacy Coach

Kristen grew up in Los Angeles and started acting at a very young age. From community theater to major motion pictures, Kristen has worked with some of the most respected names in Hollywood such as Garry Marshall, Tim Conway, Henry Winkler, Dan Aykroyd, Gina Gershon, Rosie O'Donnell and many more. She also spent time behind the camera in film and television production decades before becoming an Intimacy Coordinator.

While finishing her degree in Media and Film Studies in 2014, Kristen began teaching fans of the popular series Outlander how sex scenes are constructed for film and television. She was shocked to learn how many fans of the series believed that the actors actually engage in real sex on-screen. She decided to set the record straight by offering free

Q & A sessions about how simulated sex scenes are filmed to the shows fans online.

This was the true beginning of her work as a film intimacy coach.



As an actor Kristen spent many years training in various techniques and spent a great deal of time studying Shakespeare. She envisioned herself as a serious actress, dedicated to her craft, and ready to tackle leading roles on-screen. Unfortunately she immediately became typecast and was never offered auditions for the type of roles she longed for. 

While working in Hollywood in her early 20s, Kristen experienced several instances of sexual harassment and assault. Because of those experiences, she began pursuing a way to teach empowerment and self esteem through performing arts, which eventually led her to the work she does today.​

In 2019, after 25 years of being eligible, she finally joined SAG-AFTRA in order to assist in getting Intimacy Coordinators recognized as a vital role in the industry. She is now podcasting her memoir, a #MeToo true Hollywood story.




Kristen began working as a print model at the age of 18. Her first modeling job was as a hand model for Arco AM/PM's employee handbook. She loved it so much that she took every modeling job she was offered. Her specialty was lingerie modeling for magazines and catalogs. She has appeared in several international magazines including Playboy's Book of Lingerie.

After becoming a mom, Kristen shifted to working behind the camera as a modeling coach and photo stylist for new talent. She's taught modeling workshops through talent agencies in Los Angeles, CA, Columbus, OH and Portland OR.



Kristen began dancing at age 4 with Hula lessons. Once she started she never stopped! She spent her entire childhood dancing and choreographing routines for herself and her friends so they could enter talent shows.

As a professional exotic/burlesque dancer working in and around Hollywood throughout the '90s, Kristen devised her own unique style. She was featured as a topless dancer in the movies

Exit to Eden and Showgirls

A few years after moving to Ohio in 2003, she created her own exotic dance instructional technique and opened exotic pole dance studios which were franchised in 5 states. Her programs emphasis was self esteem through exotic dance movement for every woman.

In 2008 she was a guest judge for the Midwest preliminaries of Fox networks hit show So You Think You Can Dance.

Kristen has taught thousands of dance students of all ages.

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